What We Do

Community Programs
We have a long presence in the communities providing wholesome development for children and young people, especially focussed on building emotional resilience through a variety of programs at the research centre since 2006. The community in Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore, India benefited through our unique services which inspired us to reach out communities in the world at large through our online platforms.


Mental Health Programs for children and families
Early years programs incorporated mental health programs not only for children but also for the entire family which has impacted and made a difference in hundreds of families. Transformational coaching was provided to the family members in order to reach better efficiency in the development of children and young people. The pandemic circumstances were mitigated through our online programs ACE IN HAND and TRANSFORM PARENTING.


Positive parenting
Coaching, mentoring and training parents to be positive role models for their children has been a regular practice for 15 years. Supported by regular workshops, community events, podcasts and YouTube videos, and newsletters, the paradigm of positive parenting has reached the corners of the community in Yelahanka, Bangalore.


Values and culture in communities
Imbibing values in children is the key factor in the sustainability and development of a society. Global L.E.A.D. has been involved in promoting eternal human values and culture in the society through its community activities and YouTube channel.


Programs or interventions can be authenticated only with scientific research and evaluation. All programs have been supported by ongoing research, published in international journals and the programs have been evolving throughout. Research has helped in making the programs remain relevant at the cutting-edge technology.